ZinnBoecker Rechtsanwälte


When accepting a mandate, we meet clear conditions about the extension of the matter, our fees and ­ whenever necessary due to the object of the matter ­ about our liability.

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We believe that apart from the success in the outcome, transparency and adequate fees are the main conditions for a stable and trusting relation with our clients. We usually calculate our fees according to the amount of hours spent on the case. We provide our clients with an overview of all activities and the corresponding time dedicated, therefore keeping transparency and finding an adequate solution to both the interests of our clients and our firm. In particular cases and as far as legally permitted, we also agree upon alternative methods of calculation of our fees, for example global fees or remuneration according to the federal law of lawyer’s fees (RVG). In any case, we always take the complexity of the matter into account.

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As lawyers we are legally obliged to maintain an insurance against professional risks with a minimum of 250.000 EUR. Each of our lawyers is insured with an amount of up to 1.000.000 EUR per matter. In order to cover exceeding risks ­ especially in matters with very high amounts involved ­ we offer our clients to conclude an additional insurance through our insurance company or to limit our liability to the corresponding amounts.

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